Skincare is the most sought after category at ROOTS. Assisting in the healing and correction of skin issues is what ROOTS lives for. Offering an amazing selection, where there is truly something for each and every skin issue. Here are some of our amazing products for your Skin

Acure Organics Acure Organics
apples & pears Apples & Pears
Bubble & Bee Bubble & Bee

Celsus Bio Intelligence Celsus Bio Intel.

Chocolate SunChocolate Sun
Clarisonic Clarisonic
Coola Coola
Dr. Alkaitis Dr. Alkaitis
Figs & Rouge Figs & Rouge
Love My Muff I Love My Muff
Jack Black Jack Black
Konjac Sponges Kahina Giving Beauty
Konjac Sponges Konjac Sponges
La Fresh La Fresh
Lavender Ranch Lavender Ranch
Maya Water Maya Water
Original Sprout Original Sprout
Pangea Organics Pangea Organics
Pheonix Botanicals Pheonix Botanicals
Pritty Peaushun Pritty Peaushun
Rms Beauty Rms Beauty
Simply EdenS.W. Basics
Simply Eden Simply Eden
Skinny Skinny Skinny Skinny
Skindanavia Skindanavia
" Soapwalla Kitchen
Suti Suti
Suntegrity Suntegrity
Sustainable Sponges Sustainable Sponges
Tata Harper Tata Harper
Tatcha Tatcha
Twist & Pout Twist & Pout
Vapour Organics Vapour Organic Beauty
Whole Truth Solutions Whole Truth Solutions

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